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Alliances – MedGlobal Health Corporation and Med Intelligence Software

Thejes Consultancy has a strategic alliance with start-up business venture MedGlobal Health Corporation focusing on clinical management software for contagious diseases, Covid-19 research and data analytics, and medical services outsourcing market space.

Med Intelligence Software

Med Intelligence software is focused on developing innovative and leading edge technology solutions for healthcare clinical management for HIV/AIDS, STI, TB and Malaria with a focus on leveraging the application data to produce medical intelligence reporting using data mining techniques and artificial intelligence.

Covid-19 Research

Compilation of global statistics for Covid-19 infections, testing and vaccinations from multiple verified sources with related stats for population demography, health risk factors, health care infrastructure and some key economic indicators. These stats are for a selected diverse list of 23 countries (spanning geography, population demography, health risk factors, economic development and health infrastructure) to facilitate global comparative analysis and identification of potential influences and drivers.

Global Healthcare

MedGlobal Health aims to be a global leader in the provision of innovative, universally affordable and quality healthcare products and service alternatives to a broad spectrum of worldwide consumer and business clients. “Bridging the Gap” between high income countries and resource limited countries to provide high quality medical care which is accessible to all irrespective of socio-economic factors.

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