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Software Development & Systems Integration

Thejes operates in the global IT market as a customer-centric and technology focused company, providing IT services based on proven methodologies and best practices, with people and process experience in software development over a wide range of platforms.

We offer the following Software Development services:

    • Application Development and Maintenance
    • Web Design
    • Creative Multimedia Design
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    • Information Technology (Data, System and Infrastructure) Architecture Consulting


We deliver application design and development services through use of robust architectures that ensure business process improvements, with reduced development and operating cycle times. Our highly skilled technical team is able to develop business applications that are tailor made for our customer’s specific business needs and processes. Our robust, scalable and secure design, development and support IT infrastructures are capable of driving new opportunities for our customers, while maximizing ROI and meeting business service level requirements.

Our flexible development model and stringent project delivery and quality management processes help to minimize development costs and reduce time-to-market, while ensuring the highest quality of services.

Application Development

Our expertise and experience allows us to provide Application Development and Maintenance solutions to our customers around the world.

With our deep focus on core industry verticals, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on understanding the customer’s business processes, and tailoring technical solutions that fit their requirements. Using built in productivity tools and adhering to the highest quality standards, we design, develop and maintain applications for its entire life cycle.

The Thejes team has years of expertise in complex application development projects of all sizes. Time and again we have demonstrated the ability to harness next generation techniques and technologies, and rapidly turn them into a strategic advantage for our customers.

Our Application Development services include:

    • Application Development – Client/Server, Web based Three-tier/Multi-tier Architecture models
    • Maintenance & Support
    • Application and Data Migration (Transition)
    • Technology centric Business Process Re-engineering
    • Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing & Validation
    • Application Consulting


In the ever-changing technology arena, with the challenge to keep pace with the best practices for business processes, enterprises today need a robust IT Architecture that ensures high level of scalability, extensibility, maintainability, portability and product support. We believe the key to success in such heterogeneous environments is to develop an application meeting today’s business demand, while positioning it to scale and fulfill futures need.

We have deep understanding of many of the latest technologies, with our technical team comprising of senior practitioners with years of experience in the technology industry, with their main pursuit to conceptualize and bring to life robust and scalable technology frameworks.

Application Consulting

    • e-Commerce Engines
    • Billing
    • Service Provisioning
    • Customer Care
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Digital Marketing
    • Financial Applications
    • Human Resource Systems
    • Performance Measurement Systems
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)


Today’s businesses are diversified across different geographic locations, business cultures, customer and markets segments, with a wide range of custom and packaged applications. In this environment achieving seamless integration of applications is top priority for business executives. Enterprise Application Integration involves connecting internal, homegrown applications and legacy systems with each other, and external business processes and systems.

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, applications such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Integrated Collaboration environments have become imperative for organizations that need to maintain their competitive advantage. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the process of linking these applications and others in order to realize financial and operational competitive advantages.

One of the challenges facing modern organizations is giving all their workers complete, transparent and real-time access to information. Many of the legacy applications still in use today were developed using arcane and proprietary technologies, thus creating information silos across departmental lines within organizations. These systems did not enable seamless movement of information from one application to the other. EAI, as a discipline, aims to alleviate many of these problems, as well as create new paradigms for truly lean proactive organizations.

EAI intends to transcend the simple goal of linking applications, and attempts to enable new and innovative ways of leveraging organizational knowledge to create further competitive advantages for the enterprise.

When different systems can’t share their data effectively, they create information bottlenecks that require human intervention in the form of decision making or data entry. With a properly deployed EAI architecture, organizations are able to focus most of their efforts on their value creating core competencies instead of focusing on workflow management.

Our comprehensive approach based on detailed systems analysis, integration feasibility studies, reverse engineering and a creative approach to interface and application integration design helps enterprises to establish seamless connectivity with many heterogeneous systems. We synergize to combine deep domain and technical expertise, leverage our reusable frameworks, adopt web services and service oriented architectures, data analysis, and integrate them for optimal effectiveness and performance.

Our Enterprise Application Integration services include:

    • Architecture and Technical Analysis
    • Application Integration services
    • Integration of Software and Hardware components
    • Legacy to Web Migration