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Process Design and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Thejes lends its deep consulting expertise in Process Design and Business Process Re-engineering to our Clint’s strategic Business Process Transformation initiatives.

Typical objectives of a Business Process Transformation initiative are to change organizational culture, processes and technology to be more process centric. This calls for a paradigm shift and transformation….

From: Silo functional thinking, task focused, frustrated but cares, functional ownership
To: Open partnerships, care for all stakeholders, process discipline, empowered, outcome focused, rewarding organization, quality (products & services) interfaces or hand-off via need / obligation agreement, end-to-end process ownership

From: Unmeasured gaps between silo’s, undocumented roles, responsibilities & expectations
To: Management of process via end-to-end metrics, well understood & documented processes, regular process reviews to meet evolving stakeholders and their needs

From: Closed sequential systems, no measurements
To: Open communication between people & systems, same look and feel, FUI, clear transition plans

Process Design / BPR Project Delivery Experience

    • Our Process Design and Business Process Re-engineering project delivery experience include:
    • Directed the full life-cycle implementation of nine concurrent technology-centric re-engineering projects with an operating budget of over $3 Million, and project team of over 40 staff. This resulted in the streamlining and automation of work processes impacting over 500 staff at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.
    • Developed the core New Hire Process to deliver a fully productive employee on day one at Nortel Networks. We also developed field trial guidelines and global deployment strategy for a web-based workflow tool, and spearheaded the development of a metrics reporting process and system to track process health.
    • Implemented Activity Based Costing at AT&T Canada, to provide detailed activity costs and value analysis to support Business Process Transformation efforts.