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Staged Delivery Process

Our Staged Delivery Process:

Stage 1:

Preliminary activities, which may include defining the “AS IS” process map.

    • Define Desired Outcomes, then Case for Action, Readiness, Scope and Scale.
    • Identify Prime candidates for design, ownership & working teams.


Stage 2:

Workshops with significant Process Council participation along with key team players.

    • Identify significant Stakeholders with their desired outcomes.
    • Identify & verify their needs – remove pain, add delight.
    • Identify today’s values, beliefs & norms and specify the desired end state.
    • Identify & verify measurements for stakeholder need satisfaction.


Stage 3:

Detailed working team workshop effort, plus process feedback adjustments.

    • Identify products & services that will satisfy the needs.
    • Brainstorm opportunities for improvement (prototype in parallel).
    • Identify processes that will deliver the products & services.
    • Process Council presentation & feedback.


Stage 4:

Details team with stakeholder representation. Teams to define their estimated deliverable schedules.

    • Design Processes, Products & Services in detail.
    • Identify & verify metrics to keep process under control.
    • Define IT systems, jobs, organizations, rewards & recognition, & values.
    • Design infrastructure to implement process.
    • Refine processes based on Simulation Lab results.


Stage 5:

Deployment teams define schedule.

    • Create Implementation Plans, including Pilot Sites.


Stage 6:

As necessary

    • Process Council Project Management reviews.


Stage 7:

Deployment teams define time frames

    • Execute Implementation Plan, Pilots and Lessons Learned.


Stage 8:

With lots of Communication

    • Party Time – Rewards & Recognition for demonstrated Desired behaviours.