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Current Problem facing Developed Economies :

    • Aging Population (Inverted Pyramid)
    • Rising cost of basic medical services
    • More complex and expensive medical treatments
    • Strain on public and private resources for medical care
    • Constraints on government budgets to fund public health care
    • Affordability of private and corporate medical insurance
    • Constraints on availability of trained medical practitioners (e.g. doctors, nurses, medical technicians, etc.)
    • Waiting lists and delays for critical medical services
    • Inefficient health care processes and use of enabling information technology


Opportunity and Potential Solution: o-MSO to India :

    • Availability of world-class health care facilities
    • Availability of world class medical and health care professionals many of them with training and experience in USA, Canada, UK and Europe
    • Cost of services including travel costs are 20% to 40% of costs in USA, Canada and Europe
    •  Indian government is promoting India as a “Global Health Destination” (e.g. tax advantage/shelters for export business)
    • World-class Medical Universities and Teaching Hospitals turning out an estimated over 30,000 new doctors and nurses each year
    • Americans, Canadians and Europeans are already accustomed to being treated by expatriate Indian doctors in their countries
    • English speaking doctors and businesses in India


About MedGlobal Health Vision:

    • To be a global leader in the provision of innovative, universally affordable and quality healthcare products and service alternatives, to a broad spectrum of worldwide consumer and business clients.
    • Differentiate based on client needs focus, and total satisfaction experience through a personalized service delivery
    • Attain competitive cost and quality advantage through leveraging a global healthcare service delivery model , continuous innovation and process integration and efficiency.
    • Promote India (the brand) as a preferred global destination for high quality, affordable and universally accessible healthcare


To find out more about the MedGlobal Health business venture please visit the company website at or contact Dev Devendra at .